316 Morning Songs
Lifting UP the Lord Jesus
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                                                       Jesus Saves
                                                       I've Been Redeemed 
                                                       Thank You For The Cross
                                                       Gift Of God
                                                       Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego The Rock Musical
                                                       Sanctified, Washed and Redeemed
CD Music
                                                       The Answer Acoustic
                                                       Leave It (Up To God)
                                                       When the devil tries to bother me        
                                                       In Your Eyes (Remix and Remastered)
                                                       We Got Jesus
                                                       Kosher (That Ain't)
                                                       Being With You (newly Mastered)
                                                       Jesus Loves You Everyone
                                                       No Turning Back (ain't no)
                                                       Just Another Day (in the Fight)
                                                       It's Christmas This Year
                                                       And She's Married to Me !


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