316 Morning Songs
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                                              Leave It (Up To God)
                                                  BULLETS AND MADMEN (youtube)
                                                    When the devil tries to bother me        
                                              Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
                                                     In Your Eyes (Remix and Remastered)
                                                 We Got Jesus
                                              Kosher (That Ain't)
                                                    Algebra (YouTube Video)
                                                 Being With You (newly Mastered)
                                              Jesus Loves You Everyone
                                                   No Turning Back" (ain't no)
                                                     Just Another Day (in the Fight)
                                              Got Me A Woman
                                                    It's Christmas This Year
                                                        And She's Married to Me !
                                               In My Dreams
                                                   You Push Me
                                                       Good Looks (get me bad)                                      

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